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About E System Sales, Inc.

In times where surely we can all agree it is absolutely amazing the way companies have to do business,  you will find that E System Sales, Inc. customer service policies are acceptable, as our database of repeat customers is amazingly growing substantially every year.

As of 2014 it is clearly evident that if it were not for repeat business and repeat customers we would be absolutly out of business.  We would like to thank all of our good customers for standing behind us every day.  We are also very greatful for the fact that the way we see it fit to do business has been prooven to be acceptable to our customers.

Every day we answer the phone with confidence that we are able to assist our potential customers in an acceptable manner and our customers are always happy and satisfied.

Since our beginning in 1998 E System Sales, Inc / Certified Computer has been committed to providing quality name brand Telephone Equipment, Computer Equipment, Point of Sale Equipment, Store Shelving, and Store Fixtures manufactured by a name brand and popular manufacturers.

E System Sales uses such business equipment manufacturer brands such as: NEC, Panasonic, Vodavi, Nortel, Avaya, Plantronics, Gateway, & Madix as they are all leaders in the industries that manufacturer business equipment in and provide superior customer service and technical support.

E System Sales, Inc has been very successful with the NEC Phone Systems & Panasonic Phone Systems as they is very well made and very well supported.  We have never once had a customer calling saying that their new phone system is down due to equipment failure.  Our goal since the very begining of providing our customers with reliable, quality phone systems has paid off.

E System Sales, Inc. has met and surpassed it's goals of providing business equipment, services, and consultations of what would be best for the customer, even if it meant sending the customer to another vender.

All in all.  E System Sales, Inc. main objective has been to provide affordable business to business internet sales with quality name brand equipment, with a manufacturer warranty, and support because if your business equipment is not operating properly you may as well close the doors till your equipment has been repaired.



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About E System Sales, Inc.