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What our Customers Say About Us.

Richard Says:

Hi Dave

I would like to thank you for the excellent assistance you provided below. To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical when I sent my original request for help, I wondered if my email would be answered and what information the reply would contain if it ever came. I was very pleased with your quick response and concise directions that solved the problem. I feel good that I made the correct decision in ordering the equipment from your company. 

Keep up the good work!



Bobby Says:


I will have to praise you on your help desk website.  I was able to get right through the NEC programming steps quickly and easily.  Your pre-programmed NEC file was a great help also.

Thanks Dave!


Robert Says:

Dear Dave & JR.

I was deeply concerned about all of your promises for support and how helpful your Help Desk really is.  WOW!  I was able to get my POS system up and running in a fair amount of time.  I can see why you screen all of your potential POS customers who want to install them self.  A technician definitely needs to be efficient and patient with computers, although we did save a ton of money.

Thanks Again!


Jeff Says:


Thanks for sending out our camera equipment overnight with all of the difficulties in locating all of the camera pieces on such short notice.  Every thing worked out just fine.

Thank You Dave


Thurman Says:

Thanks Dave. That took care of it. I really appreciate all of your support. Iím glad I decided to do business with you guys. Keep up the great work.


Lucia Says

Dear Dave,

The installer you suggested George was able to stop by yesterday and helped Claudio finish the wiring, one of the outside lines had no dial tone and the phone people did not install a NID either.   All in all I think you found us the right person.   We feel comfortable with George, he will come back tomorrow to program the phones and he said it will take him from 1 to 2 hours to program it, not including the Call Accounting and Training.   He is charging us $85 per hour.

Thanks for helping us out with thisÖI am so glad this is taken care of.



Mike Says

Dear Dave,

The system is great. I have no problems with it, and any unforeseen issue is resolved in minutes. I had to add another department, and did it using my modifier groups already set up in 5 minutes. Once I learned the hierarchy of the departments I was able to fill in the rest in no time. The several hours I spent learning the system was well worth it. The tech support was fabulous. They guided me through the maze with ease and answered all my questions.

Thanks for the help itís been great.

Charlotte N.C. .

Mike Says

Hi Patrick and Dave.
I just wanted to thank you again for the impeccable service you're rendered this afternoon:
a) Your clear and comprehensible web site 
b) Customer service to match
You'll be helping us out tremendously to ensure our order does in fact get shipped out tonight via Fedex first overnight service collect to our account.

Thanks again,


Roman Says

Your New York installer came all of the way out to New Jersey and did a great job installing our NEC 1000.  Jim was very knowledgeable and very helpful.  We are very happy we went with E System Sales.



David Says

Thank you for the information and configuration files. I'd like to tell you how much we enjoy the NEC phone system. It is certainly a great improvement over our previous setup.



Pat Says

Just so you get some positive feedback once in a while...

The phone system is working great, everyone is happy.

Thanks for the help


Paul Says

I just wanted to compliment you guys there. You were very nice on the phone, then you got my order correct and it arrived in just a couple of days like you said. I like the product i got, the "dump bin display". I hope they help my business grow and that I can order a lot more in the future. Just want to say I appreciate the good service.


Nicole Says

Hello Patrick,

Actually, the shelving worked out very well. I am so pleased with all of the shelving and accessories I purchased from your company, and will be purchasing as well as referring your company in the future. Thank you so much for all of you cooperation. 

Phil Says

Hey Dave,

                 Much thanks for the tech support yesterday.   I am really happy with the upgraded operating system for the phone and think it will be much more versatile for programming in the future.

                 The bad news is that this morning we are still having the same line problems, and Kelly told me she still noted that the lights on the 34-button phone dim sometimes when dialing (usually when the problem occurs).  The REALLY good news about the problem though is that we were finally able to reproduce the problem at the box, meaning it is definitely a Verizon issue.   They are coming out today and we will see what they can find on their end.

                 Again, many thanks and I will let you know what happens here.


Pierrette Says

Hi Patrick.

 I really like the H gondola - it works great!    I hope I'll get faster at set-up and breakdown time, but I love how it looks and works.    I am very pleased with mu decision to buy it.

I would like to duplicate my order.

Thanks P.