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New Phone Systems

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Discover how a phone system can automate your business by automatically routing calls 24 hours a day seven days a week, reduce the time spent with unwanted and annoying phone calls, eliminate the need for a costly fax line, make you and your associates more available to your clients customers.

New Phone System Sales.

The unique value we provide is Free Phone System programming with every new NEC and Panasonic Phone System installation includes remote programming, plus training, and lifetime support.

E System Sales, Inc. provides new phone system sales all accross the entire US, from Los Angeles to New York in cities such as Brunswich, Miami, Hollywood, Huntington Beach, Islip, Long Beach, Long Island, Newark,  New Jersey, Orange County, Pheonix AZ, Philidelphia PA, San Diego, San Francisco, Ventrua County

Self Installation

All you have to do is wire in the system and we will do the rest!  This is a very valuable program for those who wish to break into the Business Phone System Business.  As stated above we do the programming with 60 days of updates, training and we provide the support for as long as you own the phone system.

Panasonic Phones Systems

Panasonic Phones Systems

The full featured Panasonic Telephone System designed for small to extra large business and hotel motel with the needs as small as three phones to extra large business with the need of one thousand phones or more.

Avaya Phone Systems

Avaya Phone Systems

One of the most popular phone systems for small to large business with all of the most popular features you expect with VoIP capability

Nortel Phone Systems

Nortel Systems & Voice Mail

The Nortel line of business phone systems are a good match match for most any business application with voice mail and call cueing.  Small systems to large systems with more than 30 phones the Nortel will work well.

Business Cordless Phones

Business Cordless Phones

We have proprietary cordless phones that provide most of the same features as  a desk phone for most phone systems with what are known as compatible cell stations that extend the range of the cordless phone for larger areas such as a large home or a large warehouse area.

Telephone Repair Tools

Request a Quote

Please take a moment to quickly fill in our form and request a quote for a new phone system.

Reduced Phone Bill

Current specials include 6) lines in for $120 a month and $24.95 for the first line and $19.95 a month for every line after up to 4 additional lines.  Plus Tax.

NEC Business Phones

NEC Business Phones

The phone system for small to large business with the needs of a phone system with 3 phones to as large as a system with up to 96 phones.  The NEC is a feature rich phone system packed with lots of modern features like VoIP, call transfer to a cell phone, dial in and dial out provides the ability to seem like you are in the office when you are not.

Replacement Phones

We provide replacement phones available for most any newer phone system or older phone systems that have been discontinued.













Samsung Phone Systems

Samsung Phone Systems

The Samsung Phone Systems is a perfect match for business small to what we would call mid size business with many advanced features available at your finger tips.

Hotel Telephone System

In todays world the need for a fancy Hotel Telephone System is not needed as I am sure we can all agree that most every one visiting a hotel or a motel has a cell phone for placing calls, receiveing phone calls, and messaging.  The only need for a phone system in a hotel is for intercommunications when a guest needs assistance.  There is really no need for the large console as the newer reception phones have a display and will clearly display exactly what room is calling so a hotel operator can provide proper assistance.

For mote information abouut a Hotel Phone System please log onto http://www.hotel.telephone-system.us/ and request a quote.

Wireless Headsets

Wireless Headsets

We have Wireless Headsets at a notably affordable cost plus Wired Headsets for most any modern phone system manufactured in the late 90's to present.

School Phone System.

A large or small school you can count on ESSI to provide a Panasonic School Phone System for your school no matter what the budget.  We can handle a school for up to 1000 phones with digital phones, IP phones or even cost saving analog phones with all the features a school needs to operate smoothly and safely with no hiccups.

To request information about a new School Phone System and to request a quote for a new system log onto http://www.school.phone-system.biz and request a quote today.


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