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Replacement Phones for Business Phone Systems

One of our specialties at E System Sales, Inc. is Replacement Phones for newer and older Business Phone Systems.  We have them available refurbished to a like new condition.  Lets put it this way, if you held one of our refurbished phones in your hand we would be able to pass it off to you as a new phone.

We provide Avaya Phones and Avaya IP Phones such as the Avaya 6 button phone, the Avaya 18 button phone in the display and the standard version phone with out a display, and the Avaya 34 button phone mainly used for a receptionist position and executives.

At ESSI we have all of the popular Intertel Phones for the Intertel Access and the Intertel 3000. The most popular intertel business phones are and include: the Intertel 550-4500 phone with a large display, the Intertel 550-4300 phone with a small display, the Intertel 550-4400 Phone with no display, the Intertel 550-8650 phone with a display, and finally the Intertel 550-8520 Phone with the small display.

Replacement NEC Phones for mostly all of the NEC Phone Systems such as NEC Electra Elite Phones, the NEC Elite IPK Phones, NEC Aspire Phones, NEC DS2000 Phones, the NEC DSX Phones, NEC SL1100 Phones, and NEC SV8100 Phones.  We have the NEC IP Phones for all the NEC's that supported VoIP, NEC Co Cards for mostly all the NEC systems. NEC 22 button phones and NEC 34 button phones for the DSX, DS2000 the I Series, and the Aspire, the , the NEC 8 button phones, and the NEC 16 button phones for the Electra Elite, the Elite IPK, and IPKII.  We also have the NEC Cordless Phone compatible with most of the later model NEC Phone Systems.

We absolutly have all the Panasonic Phones for all of the Panasonic Phone Systems and Panasonic Business Phones.  For systems such as the Panasonic KX-TA824, the ever so popular Panasonic KX-TA624 the Panasonic KX-TD816 and the Panasonic KX-TD1232 is a very popular digital phone system that was compatible with almost any type of business.  Now on to the new model Panasonic KX-TDA50, The Panasnic KX-TDE100 and the Panasonic KX-TDE200, that are also compatible with most all business applications.

We also have a complete line of replacement Comdial Phones for most all of the Comdial Phone Systems.  At this point Comdial has been bought out by Vertical, at this point Vertical is no longer manufacturing Comdial Phone Systems.  The lates phone systems manufactured by Comdial were the Comdial DX120, the Edge 120, the DX80, with some of the older models that we still have phones for are the Exeutech, the Digitech, and more.

Nortel Phones are also very popular in the business telephone world.  In the more early days of  Nortel Phone Systems we had the Nortel 824, that grew into the MICS for larger business and the CICS for most small to mid size business.  The lates mode phone system is the BCM that supports most of the new technologies and features most notibly VoIP and Unified Messaging.

We have mostly all the models of Mitel Phones for a lot of the older model Mitel systems.  Mitel is more popular in the Hotel, Motel and Hospitality world providing a Hotel Phone System that provided Hotel owners with most of the popular features needed in a phone system to rin a Hotel or a Motel.